Permanent Make-Up:

I only use the highest quality inks that don't fade to an unwanted color. The procedures I do last longer than most permanent make-up artists. The rotary pen method will last 8-10 years due to technique, and good quality- concentrated pigments!  You won't regret it.

  • $300- Powder Brows

  • $350- Full/Connected Eyeliner (Includes top and bottom and lash enhancement)

  • $220- Basic Eyeliner: Top or Bottom (Top includes lash enhancement)

  • $150- Lash Enhancement

  • $200- Waterline (Can only be in addition to Lash Enhancement or Eyeliner)

  • $250- Lip Liner (I not only do the line, but I fade it down into your lip!)

  • $350- Full Lip

  • $50- Beauty Mark

  • $150- Freckles

  • $50-$100 Touch-up (Varied dependent upon amount of pigment needed)

    • Color Boost- Half of price listed above. If you want to brighten or darken your colors. I go over everything just as your initial service.



Ointment should last you 2 days, then use Vitamin E oil. 

Eyes- Keep ointment on eyes. Apply with q-tip or clean finger; once every few hours for 7 days. Wash eyes with saline twice a day to avoid infection. 

Eyebrows- Apply ointment with q-tip for few hours for 7 days or as often as needed. Keep the area really moist for 2 weeks. If the ointment is itchy, use Vitamin E oil. 

Lips- Apply ointment on lips every few hours for 7 days. Make sure to keep the lips moist for 2 weeks. 

No make-up of any kind may be applied for 7 days following the procedure. Use new make-up if you have to.

Apply ice post procedure to help reduce swelling. Leave on for 5-15 minutes and off for 5-15, repeat for up to an hour. Brows don’t need to be iced.

Ibuprofen may be taken to help reduce swelling.

Do not go swimming or be exposed to steam or tanning for the first 5 days.

Do not scrub the affected area with soap or use really hot water, for 5 days post procedure.

 Do not pick scabs. Do not use Neosporin. Both will pull the pigment out.

After 10 days, you can wear sunscreen to help prevent fading.

It is normal for the procedure area to scab, have color come off, look blotchy, or look too light. The area will darken and look great in 3 weeks! 

Eyeliner- Immediately the eyeliner will look 10% darker and thicker than it will be later. Keep it really moist and the scabs will slide off in 5-7 days. Eyes may become more swollen the next morning. Ice them right away. If you sleep elevated the swelling will go down more. If you do swell, you will be swollen for 2-3 days. If you have any bruising occur, this usually goes away within 2-5 days. Vitamin K reduces your chances of swelling and bruising. If your eyeball hurts a lot later, keep your eyes closed and wear sunglasses. 

Eyebrows- Immediately the eyebrows will look 20% darker after they are done. They also look thicker than what they are going to be later. They look really drawn on for the first 5 days. After they peel in 5-10 days, they will look a lot lighter and softened. If you see any small flaws, most go away after they are healed. Brows change a lot of colors in the first 2 weeks. It is normal for them to appear yellow, orange, green, or red. These colors usually disappear after 2 weeks and will heal to a neutral color. The brows look light in spots until the end of the 3rd week. You will know the color, shape and results in 3 weeks. Eyebrows will have some missing spots, so a touchup will be needed for it to look best. Keep them really moist to help them heal faster.

Lips- Will look 50% darker after they are done. They may also swell and sometimes have bruising. If you sleep elevated they swelling will go down more. Ice them right away for as long as you can. Keep them moist and they will peal in 3-5 days. The inner lip will sluff off first and the liner last. Don’t pick any scabs or it will take the pigment out. After they peal, they will look white for 2 weeks with not much color. By the end of the 4th week all the color will come through and you will then know what your results are. Really keep them moist and they will heal faster. You will have a few missing spots so a touchup is needed for it to look the best. If you want to change your color, it must be done within the first year to not be charged full price.